Get Ready For Halloween....


Thank you for stopping by! Lor's Transfers and Gifts has been around for 5+ years! Originally it was started as selling Sublimation transfers, and it grew from there! I did strictly Sublimation Transfers for many years before branching out into other items. Recently, I tried to expand and offer Direct to Film Transfers (DTF) but I had to quickly stop when I discovered I had a very unexpected allergic reaction to the Adhesive curing process! That quickly changed my plans and it is was the quickest addition I have ever started and stopped for my business. After having some soul searching, I have decided to discontinue offering all Transfers. I will no longer offer DTF or Sublimation Transfers - it no longer sparks joy for me.

I also have a commercial grade laser which I absolutely love and THAT sparks so much joy. I am redirecting my attention and choosing to focus on that. I will also going back to my original love which I did far before transfers - selling wholesale items! I will be starting to stock beads. Focal beads specifically for pens, key chains etc.

This change is MUCH needed and I am SO EXCITED to see where this change takes me. Please make sure to get onto the Email list - text alerts and download my app!